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オートマトン Automaton

 オートマトン 人造
Source Guns & Gears pg. 37
These intelligent constructs house actual souls and represent what remains of a dying empire’s last attempt at greatness. Automatons combine technological ingenuity with magical power, creating a blended being wholly unique to Golarion.

The Jistka Imperium was the first major human civilization to emerge after Earthfall, arising around the area that would later become Rahadoum and enduring for seven centuries thanks to great advancements in civics and the sciences. However, Jistka’s leaders often favored aggressive uses of technology, and early advances paved the way for arrogance, petty infighting, and corruption. The Jistka Imperium’s expansionist tendencies and lack of diplomacy earned the Imperium many enemies over the course of its existence. The most notable of these foes was the empire of Ancient Osirion. Osirion’s enmity ultimately sealed the Imperium’s fate, as they employed clever and depraved magic that proved more than a match for Jistka’s legendary golem army, even when the Jistkans began to cut corners and bind fiends into their golems. In a desperate attempt to fight back against internal corruption and external pressures, a cabal of concerned Jistkans formed the Artificer Conclave to develop new technologies to stave off the Imperium’s collapse and return Jistka to its former glory. The most successful of these developments were automatons, which the Conclave believed to be the pinnacle of Jistkan constructs—or at least, the last hope for Jistka’s salvation. Conclave creators transplanted the mind, life force, and soul of Jistkan individuals into these constructs, creating magical and technological marvels powered by the life energy of the greatest warriors and scholars the organization could recruit. Unfortunately, despite the Conclave’s best efforts, the automatons’ arrival happened too late to save the already doomed Imperium. The empire collapsed, leaving automatons to fend for themselves.

The exceptional and forward-thinking construction of automatons means that a fair number remain today, millennia later, scattered to the winds. However, the passage of time has revealed one of automatons’ greatest weaknesses: their mortal psyches. Only the strongest willed have managed to retain their memories, sense of self, and lucidity after all this time. As each automaton remains as unique as any living person on Golarion; a given automaton has their own personality, shaped by countless experiences. Most automatons behave reclusively, preferring to avoid others due to fear of attachment or misunderstanding. Even automatons who are more willing to live in the open understand that their unique nature makes them a prime target for hunters, scholars, or worse. Rare is the automaton that lives without the regular occurrence of distrust or worry.

If you want to play a character who is a living construct with powerful potential and ties to ancient magic, you should play an automaton.

君は、もしかしたら…… You Might…

  • Have lived for several centuries and through many significant events.
  • Be hesitant to trust others until they’ve earned it.
  • Remember little of your life before becoming an automaton.

他人は、もしかしたら…… Others Probably…

  • Mistake you for a mindless construct when they first see you.
  • Assume you have secret knowledge about magic and technology.
  • Look upon you with awe.

外見 Physical Description

Automatons share a common construction—a blend of magically treated metals and stone. This design allows automatons to withstand the rigors of direct combat and makes them particularly hardy. Their heavy bodies can move just as quickly as other combatants, making automatons intimidating foes. The design of an automaton varies depending on the needs of its role. Most automatons have a basic humanoid shape, though some instead have shapes that closely resemble animals. The majority of automatons have a single eye that glows with a dim, magical light. Each also contains a powerful artifact that both houses its individual soul and uses a combination of life and planar energy for power. These automaton cores are marvels of magical engineering whose method of creation has been lost to time.

As constructs, automatons typically don’t need to breathe, eat, or sleep; however, the body of an automaton needs to vent an imperceivable magical exhaust at a constant rate. This venting process requires breathable air to prevent a buildup of exhaust that can clog the automaton’s systems, sometimes to fatal effect. Thus, automatons can still suffocate much like living creatures. Though they don’t sleep, automatons require a period of magical recalibration and restoration which stabilizes the energies within their core. Without this process, an automaton core is incapable of fully powering the automaton and they enter an inefficient state (similar to a humanoid who doesn’t get 8 hours of sleep).

Automatons don’t age and the design of their cores grants them a seemingly endless power source. Many automatons that exist today are thousands of years old, their bodies as efficient as the day of their creation, even if their minds might have deteriorated with the strain of the ages. Automatons lost over time typically met violent ends. An automaton’s body is just as vulnerable to destruction as any other construct, though destroying an automaton core is more difficult. As such, an automaton’s soul might remain trapped within its core for years after the destruction of its body. This was the intent of the original creators, who hoped to provide functional immortality. However, in reality, the destruction of the body more often leads to a malfunction, requiring magical intervention such as resurrection magic to restore the automaton completely. In the case of the core’s destruction, or if it malfunctions catastrophically enough that it can no longer hold the soul, the core releases the spirit to the River of Souls.

In some cases, an automaton can learn how to consciously or subconsciously influence its core. These automatons eventually learn how to release their souls from their cores, allowing their souls to move on when they feel they have achieved a satisfying life. This act leaves the automaton as a mindless construct, typically still active but no longer capable of anything but aimless wandering and occasional acts of self-defense.

社会 Society

Due to the disparate fates of automatons, many of them lead solitary lives. There are a few cases of automatons originally designed to work together, such as groups of warriors, who remain as a team and dwell together in hideouts or travel together as wanderers. These groups are few and far between, however, and automaton settlements are even rarer. The only pockets of automatons that begin to resemble settlements typically hide among the ruins of Jistka. These groups can hold dozens of automatons, but any attempts to contact or visit them tend to be fruitless. Such gatherings are especially secretive, and the resident automatons will protect their homes at any cost.

Automatons are far more likely to encounter other ancestries. Depending on the automaton’s personality, this encounter could go a number of ways, ranging from extreme secrecy to open visitation. An automaton’s unique appearance makes them stand out regardless of where they’re found, but most others look upon them with awe or curiosity rather than fear. Magical constructs aren’t an alien concept across Golarion, but many of them are mindless. After making it past the initial shock of a thinking construct, it’s often not difficult for most grasp how to engage with an automaton. However, automatons are more likely to find the semblance of an everyday life in large cities like Absalom, Azir, or Quantium. Regardless of where they go, an automaton must remain on the lookout for those who would attempt to take their body for study or to access their core.

属性と宗教 Alignment and Religion

The people of the Jistka Imperium saw the aeons of Axis as ideal beings whose behavior was worthy of emulation, so many Jistkans were lawful neutral. Since many automatons contain Jistkan souls, most automatons are lawful neutral, or at least lawful in some capacity. Over the centuries, however, a fair number of automatons have drifted toward neutral alignments as their outlooks change without a primary society or set of ideals upon which to cling. Automatons tend to worship gods of technology or magic like Brigh and Nethys, or various monitor demigods. Worship of Irori and Pharasma are somewhat common among automatons as well. Pharasmin automatons likely learn how to release their souls from their cores, and often choose to do so. Though they are ancient beings from long before the time of Casandalee, a small number of automatons have recognized the new artificial goddess as a kindred spirit.

冒険家 Adventurers

Many who became automatons had some role in society prior to their transformation and often gravitate toward classes that best represent these roles, even if they no longer remember their former life as more than subconscious flashes. Hunter, sharpshooter, and warrior automatons usually become fighters, rangers, and rogues. Spell casting classes, such as bards, witches, and wizards are common among mage automatons. While an automaton can have any background, the pool of individuals chosen to become automatons were typically of the acolyte, bounty hunter, emissary, gladiator, guard, herbalist, hunter, martial disciple, scholar, scout, or warrior background.

名前 Names

An automaton typically keeps the name they had before their transformation into a construct, if they can remember it. Even when other memories fade, memory of their name often remains. As such, many automatons have names with Jistkan origins. Second most common are automatons who had to give themselves a new name, as they lost their memories of the old one at some point. Those automatons that particularly believed in the cause of the Artificer Conclave might instead take the name of one of the conclave’s members in honor of the cause that they gave their body to support. Some automatons prefer to change their names over their lifetimes, either selecting a new name from a culture they encountered or adding a title to represent a significant moment in their lives. In some cases an automaton will use a particularly cherished title in place of any other name.

名前の例 Sample Names

Alnhaman, Busmin, The Doleful, Enoh, Himar, Kantral, The Kindred, Numinar, Scholar, Tehkis, Wayfarer, Yulmian

その他の情報 Other Information

オートマトンの起源 Automaton Origins

The method of creating automatons as the Artificer Conclave did millennia ago has been lost to time. As such, most automatons who remain on Golarion were created during Jistka’s existence. However, there are a few rare automatons that have different origins. Anquira, herself an automaton and a high-ranking member of the Artificer Conclave, resides in Axis and seems to be nearing the point of recreating the Jistkan process. She’s created a few promising prototype automatons with her techniques. There are also rumors of another automaton doing similar research somewhere in the deserts of the Golden Road, though the new automatons emerging from the desert appear somewhat incomplete.

Of significant note are the increased reports of automatons in southern Garund, originating from the nation of Eihlona. The nation is famous for its inhabitants’ skill in mixing magic with technology, particularly the remnants of Shory technology that crashed within the nation’s borders in ages past. Eihlonan mage crafters have managed to recreate automatons using their vast knowledge, magical prowess, and access to ancient technology, alongside insights from a few friendly automaton immigrants who found a respectful and welcoming home there. Though the process is long and arduous, Eihlona seems to be on the verge of recreating the success of the Artificer Conclave. If they do, they could someday produce hundreds, if not thousands of automatons.

強化 Enhancements

Automatons are built to receive enhancements and modifications to their bodies. Many automaton ancestry feats have an “Enhancement” line that represents a possible augmentation you can acquire. You don’t gain the benefits of the enhancement unless you take a feat that grants you those benefits, such as Lesser Augmentation. You can only gain the enhancements of a given feat once.

遺伝的多様性 Versatile Heritages

Since automatons have artificial bodies, they don’t manifest the features of versatile heritages, even if the soul within their core did so in life. As a result, most automatons don’t have a versatile heritage. However, players who are interested in taking a versatile heritage are encouraged to speak with their GM to best determine an explanation for the versatile heritage. Since an automaton core draws on planar energy, there is a chance that said energy manifests in a versatile heritage, such as a tiefling automaton with an overabundance of Hell’s planar energy. Alternatively, a powerful soul might still be able to manifest the features of their heritage they had prior to transfer to an automaton body. An automaton with a versatile heritage will have minimal physical changes if any, though the color of energy that courses through their core and the rest of their body might change to properly represent the versatile heritage.

オートマトンのルール Automaton Mechanics

ヒット・ポイント Hit Points


サイズ Size


速度 Speed


能力アップ Ability Boosts




夜目 Low-Light Vision


オートマトンの核 Automaton Core


人造の肉体 Constructed Body


オートマトンの遺産 Automaton Heritages

Source Core Rulebook pg. 33 2.0
You select a heritage at 1st level to reflect abilities passed down to you from your ancestors or common among those of your ancestry in the environment where you were born or grew up. You have only one heritage and can’t change it later. A heritage is not the same as a culture or ethnicity, though some cultures or ethnicities might have more or fewer members from a particular heritage.

Hunter Automaton

Source Guns & Gears pg. 36
You were designed to serve as a scout or assassin and have a body resembling a pack hunter like a large cat or wolf. Though you typically move like a quadruped, you can still stand and fight like a biped, allowing you to use all equipment normally. Your quadruped design allows you to move quickly; if you have both hands free, you can increase your Speed to 30 feet as you run on all fours.

Mage Automaton

Source Guns & Gears pg. 36
The chamber housing your core has a more direct connection to the rest of your humanoid shape, allowing you to tap into your core’s magical energy. You gain one cantrip from the arcane spell list. You can cast this spell as an arcane innate spell at will. A cantrip is heightened to a spell level equal to half your level rounded up.

Sharpshooter Automaton

Source Guns & Gears pg. 36
Your lithe, humanoid shape is designed for speed and accuracy suitable for ranged combat. You gain the Automaton Aim action.

Automaton Aim

Source Guns & Gears pg. 36
You steady your body and observe the events of the battlefield to maximize the range of your next shot. You reduce the penalty for firing into your weapon’s second range increment from –2 to 0 for the next ranged attack you make this turn. You can use this action a second time in the same turn to reduce the penalty from firing into your weapon’s third range increment from –4 to 0 for the next ranged attack you make this turn.

Warrior Automaton

Source Guns & Gears pg. 36
Sporting a bulkier, powerful design, your body has been designed for combat. You have a bulky, humanoid shape. The damage die for your fist increases to 1d6 instead of 1d4. You don’t take a penalty when making a lethal attack with your fist or any other unarmed attack.



Arcane Communication Feat 1

Source Guns & Gears pg. 40
You can deliver silent messages. You gain touch telepathy, allowing you to communicate silently and mentally with any creature you’re touching, as long as you share a language.

Enhancement You can send your messages even further. Your telepathy gains a range of 10 feet, but you still have to share a language with your target.

Arcane Eye Feat 1

Source Guns & Gears pg. 40
Prerequisites low-light vision
Your eye has been magically enhanced to pierce darkness. You gain darkvision.

Enhancement Your eye can see invisible creatures in brief spurts. You can cast see invisibility as an arcane innate spell once per hour.

Automaton Armament Feat 1

Source Guns & Gears pg. 39
You’ve been provided a body part designed for combat. You gain either a claw or pincer unarmed attack. The claw deals 1d4 slashing damage, is in the brawling group, and has the agile, finesse, and unarmed traits. The pincer deals 1d6 piercing damage, is in the brawling group, and has the grapple and unarmed traits.

Your body can be reconfigured; you can select this feat at any level, and you can retrain into or out of this feat or change the type of attack you gain.

Enhancement Your attacking part is reinforced. Increase the damage die of the unarmed attack you gain from this feat by one step (from 1d4 to 1d6, or from 1d6 to 1d8).

Automaton Lore Feat 1

Source Guns & Gears pg. 40
You have come to better understand the process that made your body and the magic that powers it. You gain the trained proficiency rank in Arcana and Crafting. If you would automatically become trained in one of those skills (from your background or class, for example), you instead become trained in a skill of your choice. You also become trained in Automaton Lore.

Enhancement Your gain greater understanding. Increase your proficiency rank in either Arcana or Crafting, as well as Automaton Lore, to expert. If you were already an expert in the chosen skill, increase your rank to master instead.

Energy Beam Feat 1

Source Guns & Gears pg. 40
You can channel your core’s power through the magical gem that serves as your eye. You gain an energy beam ranged unarmed attack that deals 1d4 fire damage. The energy beam has a range increment of 20 feet. On a critical hit, the target takes persistent fire damage equal to the number of weapon damage dice. Your eye beam does not add critical specialization effects.

Enhancement You channel greater power. Increase the damage die of your energy beam by one step, from 1d4 to 1d6.

Reinforced Chassis Feat 1

Source Guns & Gears pg. 40
Your body is designed to be particularly resilient. Your chassis is medium armor in the plate armor group that grants a +4 item bonus to AC, a Dex cap of +1, a check penalty of –2, a speed penalty of –5 feet, and a Strength value of 16. You can never wear other armor or remove your chassis; however, you still don’t become fatigued from sleeping. Finally, you can etch armor runes onto your chassis as normal.

Enhancement Your chassis becomes difficult to overcome. You gain the Chassis Deflection reaction.


Arcane Safeguards Feat 5

Source Guns & Gears pg. 41
The magic powering you makes it difficult for outside magic to affect you. You gain the Resist Magic reaction.

Resist Magic

Source Guns & Gears pg. 41
Trigger You attempt a saving throw against a harmful magical effect but haven’t rolled yet.
Your innate magic protects you. You gain a +1 circumstance bonus to the triggering saving throw. Additionally, if the triggering effect is arcane, if you roll a success, you get a critical success instead.

Integrated Armament Feat 5

Source Guns & Gears pg. 41
Your mechanical body houses a weapon or shield that you can quickly draw and stow, leaving you prepared for combat at all times.

You can use a 1-minute activity, which has the manipulate trait, to integrate a single, one-handed weapon or shield into one of your arms. You can draw or stow this item as an Interact action. Creatures don’t automatically see this integrated item when it’s stowed and must actively Seek in order to find it. They take a –2 circumstance penalty to any checks to do so. While you are wielding the item, it can’t be Disarmed and you can’t drop or Release it; you must Interact to store the weapon and free that hand. A creature determined to retrieve the item can do so, but it requires either 1 minute to remove it or extreme violence to your arm—such as physically removing portions of the limb. You can only have one integrated armament at a time, though you can use the 1-minute activity to replace the item or swap the arm in which it’s stored.

Enhancement Your body has more space for integration. You can now either integrate two one-handed weapons, a one-handed weapon and a shield, or a single two-handed weapon which is split across both arms. You can use a single Interact action to draw or store both integrated armaments. When you draw a single weapon, you can choose to hold it with either one hand or both hands.

Magical Resistance Feat 5

Source Guns & Gears pg. 41
Your animating magic provides some defense. Choose one of the following energy damage types: cold, electricity, or sonic. You gain resistance 5 to that damage type.

Enhancement You tap deeper into your animating magic, and your resistances improve. Choose one of the following benefits: you gain resistance 5 to the remaining two damage types from the above list, or your chosen resistance increases to a value equal to 1 + half your level.


Arcane Camouflage Feat 9

Source Guns & Gears pg. 41
Prerequisites Hunter Automaton heritage
You have developed magical techniques to aid you with stalking your prey. You can cast blur and invisibility each once per day as 2nd-level arcane innate spells.

Enhancement Your camouflage is more potent. Your blur spell now lasts 10 minutes and when you cast invisibility, you can choose to gain the effects of the 4th-level version of the spell. In addition, you can now cast blur and invisibility each twice per day.

Arcane Propulsion Feat 9

Source Guns & Gears pg. 41
Frequency once per day
You redirect energy from your core to ports on your back or feet, allowing you to fly for a short time. You can maintain this redirected energy for 5 minutes. You gain a fly Speed equal to your Speed while redirecting the energy.

Enhancement You can maintain your flight for longer. You can redirect your energy at all times, allowing you to fly whenever you want, rather than just once per day for 5 minutes.

Arcane Slam Feat 9

Source Guns & Gears pg. 41
前提条件 戦士オートマトンの遺産
条件 君がクリーチャーをつかまれた状態か拘束状態にしている

クリティカル 君は敵を叩きつけて魔法のエネルギーは敵を圧倒する。クリーチャーは伏せ状態になり、1ラウンド、目が眩んだ状態になり、2d6+君の筋力修正値に等しいダメージを受ける。敵はもはや君によってつかまれた状態や拘束状態ではなくなる
成功 君は敵を叩きつける。クリーチャーは伏せ状態になり、君の筋力修正値に等しいダメージを受ける。敵はもはや君によってつかまれた状態や拘束状態ではなくなる
失敗 君は敵を叩きつけることが出来ないが、クリーチャーをまだ保持したままである
ファンブル クリーチャーは自由になり、もはや君によってつかまれた状態や拘束状態ではなくなる

強化 君の腕は核のパワーをよく伝えるようになる。君はもはや、大きな敵を叩きつけようとすることによるペナルティを受けない。君の敵は、成功時に2d6点+君の筋力修正値に等しいダメージを受ける(あるいはクリティカル時にその2倍)

Core Attunement Feat 9

Source Guns & Gears pg. 42
Prerequisites Mage Automaton heritage
Your core allows you to draw more power from it. Select one 1st-level arcane spell and one 2nd-level or lower arcane spell, to which you have access. You can cast your chosen spells as arcane innate spells each once per day.

Enhancement Your attunement grows stronger. Select one 5th-level or lower arcane spell and one 6th-level or lower arcane spell, to which you have access. You can cast them as arcane innate spells each once per day, in addition to the original spells.

Lesser Augmentation Feat 9

Source Guns & Gears pg. 42
You’ve focused on enhancing yourself and have received an improvement to one of your existing abilities. You gain the enhancement benefits of one of your 1st- or 5th-level automaton ancestry feats.

You are also capable of reconfiguring your augmentations to meet your needs. You can spend one week of downtime to change the enhancement you gain with this feat.

Enhancement You gain the enhancement benefits of another 1st- or 5th-level automaton ancestry feat. Also, your reconfigurations take less time. You only need to spend 1 day of downtime to change any of your enhancements. If you have multiple enhancements, changing each one requires a separate day.

Rain of Bolts Feat 9

Source Guns & Gears pg. 42
PFS Note For the automaton’s Rain of Bolts feat, the DC is the higher of your class DC or spell DC.
Frequency once per day
Prerequisites Sharpshooter Automaton heritage
Throughout the day, your body produces powerful projectiles within your chassis. You fire them all at once in either a 30-foot cone or a 10-foot emanation. Foes in the area take 6d6 piercing damage. This increases to 7d6 at 12th level, 8d6 at 15th level, and 9d6 at 18th level.

Enhancement The projectiles regenerate quicker, they are much more powerful, and you can refine the metallic content to harm certain creatures. You can use Rain of Bolts once per hour instead of once per day. The damage increases to 12d6 and each time you use the action, you can choose adamantine, cold iron, or silver. The damage from Rain of Bolts is treated as the metal you chose. At 20th level, the damage increases to 13d6.


Arcane Locomotion Feat 13

Source Guns & Gears pg. 42
You’ve modified your body to allow you to augment your movement. You gain either a climb Speed of 20 feet or a swim Speed of 20 feet, your choice.

Enhancement Your body allows for even further forms of movement. You can either select the option from this feat you haven’t chosen yet (climb Speed or swim Speed), or you can increase your land Speed by 5 feet and increase the Speed you chose from this feat increase to be equal to your adjusted land Speed.

Astral Blink Feat 13

Source Guns & Gears pg. 42
You’ve attuned your core to allow you to phase in and out of the Astral Plane, allowing you to teleport periodically. You can cast dimension door once per hour as a 4th-level innate arcane spell.

Enhancement Your attunement allows you to teleport in a series of quick jumps rather than in one big leap. You can expend your hourly use of dimension door as a free action when you begin your turn. If you do, your Strides are augmented until the end of your turn, allowing you to instantly teleport to any point you could reach with your Speed instead of traversing normally to the location. While augmented, your Strides gain the conjuration and teleportation traits. Your augmented Strides don’t trigger reactions that can be triggered by move actions or upon leaving or entering a square, unless those reactions trigger on teleportation.

Core Rejuvenation Feat 13

Source Guns & Gears pg. 43
Frequency once per day
Trigger You have the dying condition and are about to attempt a recovery check.
Your soul taps into your core’s power to push against the grasp of death and allow you to recover consciousness. You’re restored to 1 Hit Point, lose the dying and unconscious conditions, and can act normally on this turn. You gain or increase the wounded condition as normal when losing the dying condition in this way.

Enhancement Your soul can draw even more power from your core, granting you additional benefits. When you use Core Rejuvenation, you also gain a number of temporary Hit Points equal to three times your level. These Hit Points remain for 1 minute.

Enlarged Chassis Feat 13

Source Guns & Gears pg. 43
Prerequisites Medium or Small size
You’ve empowered your core to support a larger body, granting you size and additional reach. You gain the effects of enlarge constantly.

Enhancement Your core’s empowerment has stabilized, allowing for greater support. You are no longer clumsy due to the effects of enlarge.